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It is already April, and I have been very busy in this “new” year. I’ve been working on items for my store, but also for friends, and for my kids.

Five wristlets or clutches for shop and upcoming show.

Hipster purses and messenger bags for the shop and upcoming show.

More wallets which I have trouble keeping in stock. These are all mostly sold, and I need to make more.

Zip Card Carrier Wallets

Zip Card Carrier Wallets

New scarf design which sold quickly.

Shades of purple scarf

Shades of purple scarf

Therapy bags I made for my mom. The eye pillow is filled with flax seed, and the neck/shoulder pillow is filled with seed corn. They can be warmed or cooled.

Therapy bags

Therapy bags

I made a series of sewing machine mats with attached pockets for my mom, her friend, and myself. The mat is a microfiber dish drying mat, and I sewed on a five pocket flannel panel. Don’t you love my vintage singer?

Lastly, just finished robes for a king, queen, and magician for my son’s school play. Maybe Wills and Kate will want ones in the future (and Harry can be the magician!).

King, Queen, Magician Robes

King, Queen, Magician Robes

We had a hard winter here in Massachusetts. Over 100 inches of snow that never seemed to melt plus bitter cold days. The kids racked up more than a week of snow days! Between the snow days, ice dams, shoveling, and shivering, I didn’t get much sewing done. I did manage to make some scarves and hipster cross-body bags.

Now, Spring is here, and I have lots of projects in the works. I have seven messenger bags cut out and ready for sewing!


Nuno Felted Scarves


Cross-body hipsters


Earth tones and red scarves


Black and grey scarves


Made after seeing leafy seadragons at the aquarium


Lots of purple and pink shades


Two white scarves, two bright pink


Blues and greens

This is a sneak peek at what I have been working on this summer. These nuno felted scarves will be for sale in the fall.