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We had a hard winter here in Massachusetts. Over 100 inches of snow that never seemed to melt plus bitter cold days. The kids racked up more than a week of snow days! Between the snow days, ice dams, shoveling, and shivering, I didn’t get much sewing done. I did manage to make some scarves and hipster cross-body bags.

Now, Spring is here, and I have lots of projects in the works. I have seven messenger bags cut out and ready for sewing!


Nuno Felted Scarves


Cross-body hipsters

My Nuno felted scarf won third prize at the Weston Arts and Crafts Association (WACA) 2014 Spring Awards Show. The “crafts” category included scarves, clothing, accessories both knitted and sewn, pottery, fused glass, turned wood, and jewelry. I am very pleased to have won; bonus, scarf sold!

A full cup must be carried steadily. English proverb

I’ve been sewing and working with fabric since I was a child. My mom taught me to sew, and I have taken needlepoint and embroidery classes. I started by making sleeping bags for all my favorite stuffed animals. When I went off to college, my favorite item was the tie-dyed comforter cover I made.

After college, I had a job writing and delivering training to Wall Street traders and FAA air traffic managers. I left that high-stress world behind when my husband and I started a family. I still needed a creative outlet, and re-discovered my love of sewing. When my children were very small, I made pillows, curtains, and purses for myself and for friends and family.

In 2010 when my youngest started school, I opened up my Etsy shop. I wanted to try my hand at sewing for a wider audience. I love to buy fabric and try out new patterns, and thought Etsy would be a great way to do all of those things.

A few years ago, I saw a Nuno felted scarf that I fell in love with. I learned how to create them from my mother-in-law and decided to put a new section in my Etsy shop. I enjoy putting colors and designs together with wool and silk.

Along with reading, sewing and felting are my hobbies and stress-busters. My mission: finding beauty in simplicity and laughter over a full cup of tea.