I finally finished the 25 wallets I started a few weeks ago. Then, I had to wait for a week or so for the sun to shine for my listing pictures. Now, I am in the process of adding them all to my Etsy store.

At about step 11 out of 13 of making the wallets, I realized that I had forgotten to add my Full Cup Design sew-in labels. They should have been added around step 3. I faced the choice of ripping out all that stitching, or just going forth, label-less. I decided on the latter since the labels really only matter to me and the marketing gurus. I am a perfectionist, though, and the labels were hard to let go.

As I made this choice, I was reminded of the title of the appendix to one of my favorite books, A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius by Dave Eggers. The appendix in my softcover copy is called Mistakes We Knew We Were Making. It somehow makes the mistakes seem OK and not so big of a deal. You can let the mistakes get to you, let them go, embrace them, or change the names to protect the innocent!