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I often like to make a bunch of one item at once and work like an assembly line. I usually will make 5-7 of one item at a time. With a big storm bearing down on us last week, I decided to make 25 wallets knowing we would be stuck inside for a while. These wallets are really popular for Mother’s Day and end-of-year teacher gifts. I got a jump on the spring season during the blizzard – between bouts of shoveling, of course.

Making the wallets involves a lot of straight stitch sewing which means a perfect time to use my vintage Singer Featherweight. Machines work best when used! Too bad my snow clearing machine was me plus shovel.ImageImageImageImage

A full cup must be carried steadily. English proverb

I’ve been sewing and working with fabric since I was a child. My mom taught me to sew, and I have taken needlepoint and embroidery classes. I started by making sleeping bags for all my favorite stuffed animals. When I went off to college, my favorite item was the tie-dyed comforter cover I made.

After college, I had a job writing and delivering training to Wall Street traders and FAA air traffic managers. I left that high-stress world behind when my husband and I started a family. I still needed a creative outlet, and re-discovered my love of sewing. When my children were very small, I made pillows, curtains, and purses for myself and for friends and family.

In 2010 when my youngest started school, I opened up my Etsy shop. I wanted to try my hand at sewing for a wider audience. I love to buy fabric and try out new patterns, and thought Etsy would be a great way to do all of those things.

A few years ago, I saw a Nuno felted scarf that I fell in love with. I learned how to create them from my mother-in-law and decided to put a new section in my Etsy shop. I enjoy putting colors and designs together with wool and silk.

Along with reading, sewing and felting are my hobbies and stress-busters. My mission: finding beauty in simplicity and laughter over a full cup of tea.